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This site was described as A TREASURE TROVE OF USEFUL INFORMATION FOR OIL SPILL RESPONDERS on the 20th Dec 2010 in the ISCO weekly newsletter issue 263. 

Realising that the internet has good information mixed with mis-information and that trying to sort out the difference can be difficult and time consuming.

The intention of the site is to provide the largest amount of useful information on the subject of oil spill response from a balanced and very practical point of view in one place on the internet.

The headings above lead you to a lot of information that is difficult to find for people outside the oil spill response community.

This information should be especially useful to those people new to the oil spill response community as well as anyone outside who is interested in the facts.

Some of our response actions can do more damage than the oil did originally, with that in mind what can be and what is done to mitigate the damage caused during an oil spill cleanup is usually done in joint agreement with central and or local government, environmental organisations as well as the oil industry.

Most of the strategies used have limitations and will in most cases never be 100% effective but are used to reduce the possible impacts to our environment. These strategies are all covered on this site to give a better understanding of where, when and why they are used.

The facts differ some what from press reporters views.

The photographs used on the site come from various sources as well as my own extensive collection taken over the last 30 years.

There are photographs of various types of equipment, the pictures and videos are not designed to favour the manufacturer of specific pieces of equipment, they are there just to show the different types of equipment available.

They are also used to give visual explanations of how mistakes are made and therefore give you the opportunity to do it correctly in the future.

In a few cases manufactures have been named due to the development of some innovative and/or trademarked equipment which are only made by those companies.

Over the years we have all made mistakes and found solutions. There are many observations throughout the pages, which have been added to help people not make the same mistakes. 

The site is in a constant state of being updated when new products are developed or when I see something that needs to be added whether it is good or bad as they are both learning points. 

If there is anything you need clarifying or you have any questions or comments please use the guestbook,or through my LinkedIn profile.


OSS - Oil Spill Solutions Ltda

limited company, registered in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

For more than 33 years the owner Mark Francis has responded to some of the worlds largest oil spills from oil tankers, offshore platforms, pipelines onshore and offshore. Including the Maconda incident in the Gulf of Mexico 2010.

Also administering training for Operators, Technicians, Supervisors, Managers and Directors on Familiarization, Management, On Scene Commander, Inland spills,  at all levels for several major oil companies, shipping companies. P&I Clubs and universities in countries, including Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei Durussalam, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, UK and USA.

I have also carried out
consultancy work for the oil industry and government agencies and various military organisations.

I have been involved with the oil industry since 1975, starting as a commercial diver in the North Sea.

Between 1979 and 1991 I ran a team of 15 responders who attended spills throughout the UK for British Petroleum E&P operating areas.

In 1991 I moved to Oil Spill Service Centre (OSSC) now Oil Spill Response (OSR) as a Pollution Control Operator responsible for equipment maintenance and response to spills worldwide. Later became a Training Officer assisting with the development of the training courses for accreditation with the Nautical Institute (NI).

In 1997, as Operations Superintendent for Briggs Marine Environmental Services (BMES), developing aerial response capability, assisting with the management of the companies response base in Baku, Azerbaijan.  Implementing OPRC response to ports and harbours in the UK, approving oil pollution equipment from surveys before purchase by clients. Developed the training courses for accreditation by the Nautical Institute (NI) and Maritime Coastguard Agency UK (MCA).

In 2000 with Alpina Briggs Ambiental S/A as Operations Superintendent opened the 9 CDA's throughout Brasil. As Training Coordinator developed the courses for the NI accreditation for response training, responsible for attaining the first accreditation in a language other than English in September 2002 and the re-accreditations in 2005, 2008 and the extension in 2011.

In 2012 opened Oil Spill Solutions ltda and became an Independent Consultant.

In 2012 and was contracted to BP Energia do Brasil to assist with Tactical Response Plans for the Northern coast of Rio de Janeiro.

In 2013 contracted to BP Energia do Brasil to assist with Tactical Response Plans for the Northern coast of Bahia from Baia de Camamu to Alcobaça including the archipelago de abrolhos.
Supervisor of a response base in Ilheus, Bahia for a drilling programme training the team as well as local fishermen and supervising the maintenance of the equipment stockpile.

In 2014 contracted by Shell to work back 2 back in the Majnoon oil field in Southern Iraq
Specification and procurement of oil spill equipment as per annual procurement plan.
Oil spill risk assessment, incident prevention planning and auditing at contractor sites.
Oil spill response training, coaching and auditing for Tier 1 response preparedness by contractors.
Preparing/delivering training to Tier 1 and Tier 2 contractor field responders to meet preparedness objectives.
Technical interfacing and logistics support planning with Tier 3 response contractor.
Designing, organizing and report preparation for oil spill response exercises (both table top and field deployment types) to meet preparedness objectives and regulatory compliance.
Assisting with Shell Iraq Petroleum Development's response development objectives and regulatory requirements.

I am a fellow of the International Spill Control Organization (ISCO).
Awarded to those individuals who are senior managers or persons with significant professional attainment.

Entitled to use the letters FISCO after their names to indicate achievement of professional recognition.





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